General terms and Conditions of Sale

Yara Premium Programme is a programme (hereinafter ” Yara P. P. “) proposed by Yara United Kingdom and Yara Ireland, owner of the brand Yara Premium Program and managed by its partner LEOO, exclusively for Yara customers residing in United Kingdom and Ireland and whose subscription to Yara P. P. has been validated by Yara United Kingdom and Yara Ireland (referred to as “you” in the text). For more information on these companies, please refer to the Legal Notice.

This “General Conditions of Sale” section (hereinafter the “T&C”) provides you with all information necessary (or not) to place an order on the Site. We have endeavoured to answer all the questions that you are likely to ask. If, however, despite our attention, this is not the case, please contact our Customer Service.

1. What are the T&C for?

You will find in the T&C, drawn up in the form of FAQs, all information necessary for your orders, their delivery and payment, the management of returns, etc.
The T&C are therefore intended to inform you and shall exclusively govern your relationship with LEOO. In this regard, you acknowledge having read and accepted these T&C when placing your order on this website (hereinafter the “Site”). Validation of your order therefore constitutes acceptance of these T&C.

2. A question before ordering?

2.1. I need advice to choose a product (i.e., a reward gift on Yara P.P.).

A contact form is available on the Site and allows you to contact Yara P. P. team for advice.

2.2. Why do I need to identify myself before ordering?

Yara P. P. is reserved exclusively for Yara United Kingdom and Yara Ireland customers.

2.3. What is the role of LEOO?

LEOO is a partner of Yara United Kingdom and Yara Ireland which manages the Yara P. P. site for and on behalf of Yara United Kingdom and Yara Ireland.

2.4. Where can I find information on the products and services offered?

Each product fact sheet accessible by clicking on the product or service concerned provides you with information on the characteristics, conditions of use and prices (in points). It is important to read them before making a purchase.

2.5. How long are the offers on the Site valid?

The offers presented on the Site are valid for as long as they are visible on the Site, within the limit of available stocks with the supplier of the product concerned (hereinafter the “Supplier”). If an article is unavailable following your order and despite our regular updates of the Site, we will inform you by email. Your order will be automatically cancelled and if your bank account has been debited, you will be refunded in full.

3. All you need to know about points

3.1. What are my points for?

Points allow you to acquire the products presented on the Site by the accumulation of points earned, the total number of which is shown on the home page. To facilitate your choice, a slider, located on the home page, allows you to select products up to the number of stars you have.

3.2. Can I be refunded the value of points?

No, points cannot be subject to a financial consideration. They can only be spent on the Site, in one or more times, to order product.

3.3. Where can I find out more about my points?

The “My account” section provides you with a summary of your balance of points, points] earned and those spent. If you want to find out more about how points work, consult the “Discover my loyalty programme” section.

3.4. Do my points have a period of validity?

Yes, your points have a limited duration of 24 months from the time they are obtained. Consult the “My account” section to see the points due to expire in 3 months.

3.5. Can I accumulate as many points as I want?

There is no limit.

4. Placing my order

4.1. How do I pay my orders?

Payment can be made using your points.

4.2. How are prices calculated on Yara P. P. ?

The reference price specified on the Site is the price communicated by the supplier of the product concerned and/or the average price applied and observed on various competing websites.

4.3. Proof of the transaction.

The computerised records kept in our computer systems are archived in reasonable conditions of security and are considered as proof of orders and payments that have taken place.

4.4. Are delivery costs included?

The prices shown include the participation in shipping costs, unless otherwise stated on the product fact sheet for each article.

4.5. At what point am I charged?

The amount of your order will be debited by LEOO after validation of the order on the Site.

5. Tracking my order

5.1. What is the status of my order?

Refer to the “My orders” section after logging into the Site.

5.2. How can I change it?

You cannot change an order once it has been validated and you have received the confirmation email. You nevertheless have a right of withdrawal of fourteen (14) days (see conditions in question 5. Returns).

5.3. What are the delivery times?

Articles ordered are shipped directly by the Suppliers of said articles, within a maximum period of 30 days from the date the order confirmation is sent. The delivery time is specified for each product on the corresponding descriptive sheet. In case of a delay in delivery, we will inform you by email. In any event, in case of late delivery, you will be able to terminate the contract. In this case, if you have received the product, after your cancellation, we will refund the product as provided for in the Consumer Code. In case of a problem or abnormal delay, please contact our Customer Service.

5.4. Where are the products I order shipped to?

Products ordered can only be shipped to delivery addresses located in United Kingdom and Ireland You must therefore ensure that the address you provide is correct and allows you to receive the products ordered.

5.5. A product is missing from my delivered order.

If you have ordered several articles on Yara Premium Programme, it is possible that you will not receive them all at the same time, as they may be sent by different Suppliers. However, if you haven’t received all of your articles within the delivery times indicated, please contact the Customer Service.

5.6. How can I print out my invoice?

You can print your invoice by logging into your account on the Site.

6. Returns

6.1. Can I return a product which I don’t want?

Yes. You have a period of days from receipt of the product or validation of your order in the case of the provision of services, to exercise your right of withdrawal, without penalty or justification. For orders containing several products, the fourteen (14)-day period to communicate your withdrawal decision starts to run from receipt of the last product. Only products returned in a condition allowing them to be resold will be accepted (return in their original packaging or appropriate packaging allowing equivalent protection). Your liability can only be incurred for damage to a product resulting from handling other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and proper functioning of this product.Accordingly, articles returned incomplete, damaged or soiled will not be taken back.

6.2. Do you have a model withdrawal form?

Yes. However, you should note that you can exercise your right of withdrawal by any means, i.e. by letter sent to LEOO – Club Yara Premium Programme – 16-18 quai de la Loire 75019 Paris, or by email sent to the address yarapremiumprogramme@leoo.fr or, finally, by copying and sending the form below to the address indicated. We will confirm that your withdrawal request has been taken into account.

“To the attention of LEOO – Club Yara Premium Programme – 16-18 quai de la Loire 75019 Paris – Email: yara@leoo.fr
I/We* hereby notify you of my/our* withdrawal from the contract relating to the sale of the contract for the subscription service/product __________ above:
Ordered on [……………………………….] (*) received on [………………………….……….] (*)
Order number: […………………………………..……………………]
Name of the consumer(s): [………………………………………………………………]
Address of the consumer(s): [……………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………]
Signature of the consumer(s) (only in case of notification of this form on paper)
Date: [……………………………………]
* Delete as appropriate

6.3. To what address and how soon should I return my items?

You should return the product(s) concerned to the address provided by the Customer Service, without undue delay and, in any event, no later than fourteen (14) days following notification of your decision to withdraw. This period is deemed complied with if you return the product before the expiry of the fourteen (14)-day period.

You must bear the cost of returning the product.

6.4. In case of return, who will pay the return costs?

When exercising the right of withdrawal, the return costs are paid by you.

6.5. How am I refunded in case of a return?

If you exercise your right of withdrawal, we will refund all payments received from you (including any delivery charges), no later than fourteen (14) days from the day we are informed of your decision to withdraw, and using the same means of payment used for the order (unless you expressly agree to a refund using another means of payment). Only the return costs must be paid by you. If the fourteen (14)-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday or non-worked day, it is extended until the next working day. We reserve the right to defer the refund until we have received the product or until you provide us with intangible proof that the products has been shipped, the date retained being the first of these two events. We will make the refund using the same means of payment as the one you used for the initial transaction, unless you expressly agree to a different means of refund.

6.6. What products cannot be returned under my right of withdrawal?

You do not have a right of withdrawal for the following products:
• CDs, DVDs or computer software unsealed after delivery;
• items which have been unsealed after delivery and which cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene (swimming costumes, underwear, etc.) or the protection of health (cosmetics, etc.) ;
• alcoholic beverages whose delivery is deferred beyond thirty days and whose value agreed on the conclusion of the contract depends on fluctuations in the market beyond our control;
• goods which, after having been delivered and by their nature, are inseparably mixed with other articles;
• goods likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly;
• the supply of audio or video recordings or computer software if they have been unsealed after delivery.
More generally, articles returned incomplete, damaged or soiled will not be taken back.

6.7. Warranties

6.7.1. Can I return a product which doesn’t work? Do I have warranties on the products purchased on Yara P.P. ?

In case of failure or non-compliance of the product, please contact our Customer Service at 16-18 quai de la Loire 75019 Paris or by email at yarapremiumprogramme@leoo.fr. Furthermore, some articles may benefit from a contractual warranty given directly by the Supplier; this information will be indicated on the product fact sheet for the article concerned.

The warranties do not apply in case of normal wear (batteries, read heads, etc.) or in case of abnormal use of the article, failures due to incorrect connection of the device or non-compliance with the instruction manual, knocks, misuse or lack of maintenance or causes external to the product (all cases of force majeure, and in particular lightning, water damage, etc.).

We draw your attention to the fact that the product purchase invoice serves as a warranty and no duplicates will be provided.

In case of implementation of the legal guarantee of conformity, you:
• have a period of two years from the delivery of the product to act,
• are released from proving the existence of the non-conformity of the product for twenty-four (24) months following delivery of the product, except for second-hand products.

6.7.2. In what cases can the warranty be excluded?

The warranty is excluded in case of damage caused by you, negligence or inappropriate use or due to a fortuitous or force majeure event, and in case of repair carried out by a third party not approved by the Supplier.

7. Personal data

7.1. Do you collect personal data about me?

Yes, when you place your order, we ask you for personal information (e.g. surname, first name, address, etc.) to allow us, in particular, to process your order, deliver the items ordered and answer your questions. The information requested, marked with an asterisk, is mandatory.

7.2. Who is my personal information intended for?

It is intended for YARA who is the controller of the personal data collected, publisher of the Website and LEOO for processing your orders and managing your account and the customer service on behalf of Yara UK and Yara Ireland, but also for the Suppliers of items ordered to enable their delivery and the after-sales service.

7.3. What is the personal data you collect used for?

It enables us to process your order, deliver the items ordered and answer your questions, manage your customer account, perform marketing studies and statistics in order to provide you with the most suitable offers. Furthermore, within the framework of monitoring the quality and training of the customer service, some calls may be recorded. We also collect this data to calculate credit points on your Yara Premium Program account based on the products that you have purchased (see how points are calculated on the “how to use” page.

7.4. On which legal basis do you rely on for processing my personal data?

When we process your personal data that is necessary for processing your order, delivering the items ordered and answering your questions, the legal basis on which we rely on is that the processing is necessary for fulfilling an agreement with you, or for taking measures on your request prior to entering into a contract. We rely on the same legal basis when calculating your credit points on your Yara Premium Program account based on the products that you have purchased in order to perform our obligations pursuant to these GCS.

When we process your personal data for the purposes of providing you with the most suitable offers, performing marketing studies and statistics, our legal basis for such processing is that the processing is necessary for purposes relating to our legitimate interest in marketing and in providing the most suitable offers to our customers, based on their needs, as long as this interest is not overridden by the customer’s rights that require protection of personal data. We rely on the same legal basis for recording some phone calls, when necessary to achieve Yara’s legitimate interest in monitoring the quality and training of the customer service. You have the right to object to such processing as further described in section 7.6.

On some occasions, for example when you wish to receive electronic marketing from us, we process your personal data with your freely given consent, which you are free to withdraw at any time. For further details, please see the Consent Declaration for electronic marketing.

7.5. How long is my personal data stored ?

Your data is stored as long as you have a personal account registered on Yara P. P. However, if you wish to delete your account or if your account has been inactive for 3 years, it will be deleted. In this case, if you have placed an order less than 5 years before your account is deleted, your personal data is moved to an intermediary archive until 5 years after your last online order on Yara P. P.

In this case, 5 years after your last online order, your personal data is anonymized: all identifying data is deleted.

7.6. Which rights do I have?

You have a right to get access to the personal data we hold about you and to have your data corrected and deleted if it is wrong, incomplete or irrelevant. You further have a right to object to processing that is based on the legal basis mentioned in section 7.4, second paragraph. You can exercise these rights by logging into the Site of Yara P. P., in your “My account” space, or by sending a letter to LEOO – YARA Premium Programme – 16-18 quai de la Loire 75019 PARIS.

If you have given your consent to receive electronic marketing from us, you also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by changing your preferences in your account on the Yara Premium Program, or by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the electronic marketing communication that you receive from us or by contacting Yara at privacy.global@yara.com. For more information about how we process your personal data when you consent to receive electronic marketing from us, please see our Consent Declaration.

7.7. Is my data protected?

We attach particular importance to the security and confidentiality of your personal data and implement all appropriate measures to limit the risks of loss, damage or misuse of this data.

7.8. Do you have cookies, and for what purpose?

For this question, refer to the section “Cookie Policy“.

8. Customer Service and claims

8.1. How do I contact the customer services of YARA PREMIUM PROGRAMME?

You can contact the customer service of Yara P. P. by:

• email: yarapremiumprogramme@leoo.fr
• mail: LEOO/ Yara Premium Programme : 16 quai de la Loire 75 019 PARIS FRANCE

8.2. Can I use a mediation service if necessary?

In case of a claim, we invite you to first contact the Customer Service of Yara P. P. If you consider that you have not received a satisfactory answer, you can access the dispute resolution platform, created by the European Union, by clicking on the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

9. Contributions

9.1. Eco-participations.

When you purchase a new electrical or electronic device, you participate in financing the collection, reuse and recycling of old equipment by paying an “eco-participation”, to finance facilities for the collection and recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).
All our prices include the amount of the eco-participation, it being specified that the price is determined by non-profit eco-organisations approved by the public authorities based on the prices of the processing operations necessary for recycling.
You are also informed that some electrical and electronic equipment (“EEE”) have potential effects on the environment and human health because of the presence of hazardous substances and must not be thrown into the bin for household waste. They are identified by affixing this pictogram on the device.
Systems for the collection and recovery of your EEE, such as municipal collections, recycling centres, social economy actors are at your disposal.

9.2. Recycling of furniture.

A contribution on furniture sold is paid to an approved body to organise and finance the collection, sorting and recycling of end of life furniture. The eco-furniture contribution is now part of the selling price of furniture collections.


Last update: May 2018.

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